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Principal Investigator: Mattia Serra

Serra Group members


 Andrés Guzmán
Fund Manager 


Erin Gerlach
Admin. Assist. 

Sreejith Santhosh Graduate Student.jpg

Sreejith Santhosh 
Grad. Stud.  

Alex Plum PhD Student Headshot.jpg

Alex Plum
Grad. Stud.  


Julian Dukes 
Undergrad. Stud.  

Serra Group alumni

  • Willow Stray (2022) - Former Undergrad. Stud.; Grad. Stud., Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology

We have Ph.D. and Postdoc Positions available! 
1. Highly motivated
2. Curious
3. Interested in joining?
Please send an email to: mserra{at}

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