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  1. Defect-mediated dynamics of coherent structures in active nematics                                                                        M. Serra, L. Lemma, L. Giomi, Z. Dogic and L. Mahadevan                                                                   (acceptedNature Physics (2023) arXiv:2104.02196  [PDF]                                                                                         

  2. Reconstruction of distinct vertebrate gastrulation modes via modulation of key cell behaviours in the chick embryo                                                                                                                                                                            Manli Chuai*, Guillermo S. Nájera*, M. Serra, L. Mahadevan and Cornelis J. Weijer                                                Science Advances 9.1 (2023) [PDF]                                                                                                                   

  3. Activity-driven extracellular volume expansion drives vertebrate axis elongation
    A. Michaut, A. Mongera, A. Gupta, M. Serra, P. Rigoni, J. Lee, A. Hall, F. Duarte, L. Mahadevan, K. Guevorkian, O. Pourquie
    (submitted) bioRxiv:2022.06.27.497799 [PDF


  4. Optimal Locomotion for Limbless Crawlers
    S. Santhosh and M. Serra

     106,024610 (2022) [PDF

  5. Detecting Lagrangian coherent structures from sparse and noisy trajectory data
    S. Molawi, M. Serra, E. Maiorino and L. Mahadevan
    J. Fluid Mech.
     948, A4. (2022)  [PDF] 
    Python code available here                                                                       

  6. Optimal policies for mitigating pandemic costs: a tutorial model
    M. Serra*, S. al-Mosleh*, S Ganga Prasath*, V. Raju*, S. Mantena, J. Chandra, S. Iams and L. Mahadevan
    Physical Biology, 19 055001 (2022) [PDFMATLAB code available here                                                                     

  7. A mechanochemical model recapitulates distinct vertebrate gastrulation modes                                                        M. Serra, Guillermo S. Nájera, Manli Chuai, Vamsi Spandan, Cornelis J. Weijer  and L. Mahadevan          (submitted)  bioRxiv 2021.10.03.462928; [PDF]

  8. Horizontal transport in oil-spill modeling
    R. Duran, T. Nordam, M. Serra and C. Barker 
    Elsevier, In Marine Hydrocarbon Spill Assessments, pp. 59-96., (2021)  [PDF]

  9. A Measure of Morphodynamics
    M. Serra
     and L. Mahadevan
    SIAM News, vol. 54, n. 03, April (2021) [PDF]

  10. Objective early identification of kinematic instabilities in shear flows                                                                      B. F. Klose*, M. Serra* and G. B. Jacobs                                                                                                  arXiv:2009.05851 [PDF]                                                                                                                                                

  11. Finite-time Lyapunov exponents in the instantaneous limit and material transport
    P. Nolan, M. Serra and S. Ross
    Nonlinear Dynamics, 1-28  (2020) [PDF

  12. Search and rescue at sea aided by hidden flow structures
    M. Serra, P. Sathe, I. Rypina, A. Kirincich, S. Ross, P. Lermusiaux, A. Allen, T. Peacock and G. Haller 
    Nature Communications, 11 2525 (2020). [PDF] MATLAB code available here 
    Nature Press highlight,  MIT News, ETH NewsUS NSF News, Scientific American,  BBC ScienceAMS   

  13. Dynamic morphoskeletons in development
    M. Serra, Sebastian Streichan, Manli Chuai, Cornelis J. Weijer  and L. Mahadevan
    PNAS 117.21 (2020) [PDF] - featured on Harvard SEAS News 

  14. Vortex boundaries as barriers to diffusive vorticity transport in two-dimensional flows
    S. Katsanoulis, M. Farazmand, M. Serra and G. Haller 
    Physical Review Fluids, 5 024701 (2020) [PDFMATLAB code available here 

  15. The Kinematics of Lagrangian Flow Separation in External Aerodynamics
    B. F. Klose, G. B. Jacobs and M. Serra 
    AIAA Journal, (2020) [PDF]


  16. Material spike formation in highly unsteady separated flows
    M. Serra, Sean Crouzat, Gael Simon, Jérôme Vétel and George Haller
    J. Fluid Mech. 883 A30 (2019) [PDF 


  17. Variational Lagrangian formulation of the Euler equations for incompressible flow: A simple derivation
    Mohammad Farazmand and M. Serra
    arXiv:1807.02726 (2018) [PDF]


  18. Exact Theory of Material Spike Formation in Flow Separation
    M. Serra, Jérôme Vétel and George Haller
    J. Fluid Mech. 845 (2018) 51-92. [PDF]

  19. Uncovering the Edge of the Polar Vortex
    M. Serra, Pratik Sathe, Francisco Beron-Vera and George Haller
    J. Atm. Sci. 74 (11) 3871–3885, (2017). 
    Featured on Forbes - (31-01-19) 


  20. Efficient Computation of Null Geodesics with Applications to Coherent Vortex Detection
    M. Serra and George Haller
    Proc. of the Royal Soc. A (2017) 473 20160807. [PDF] MATLAB code available here 
    Featured on the journal's cover page


  21. Forecasting Long-Lived Lagrangian Vortices from their Objective Eulerian Footprints
    M. Serra and George Haller
    J. Fluid Mech. 813 (2017) 436-457. [PDF


  22. Objective Eulerian coherent structures
    M. Serra and George Haller
    Chaos, 26 (2016) 053110. [PDF] Editor's pick 


  23. Dependent modal space control: Experimental test rig
    M. Serra, Francesco Ripamonti and Ferruccio Resta
    J. Vibration and Control (2015): 1077546315616699. [


  24. Dependent modal space control
    M. Serra, Francesco Ripamonti and Ferruccio Resta
    Smart Materials and Structures 22.10 (2013): 105004. 

PREPRINTS (PDF available)

  1. Zero-time mitigation of oil spills via short-term attractors
    R. Duran and M. Serra


  1. Lagrangian and Eulerian Coherent Structures in Complex Dynamical Systems
    M. Serra and George Haller
    ENOC (2017), Budapest, Hungary. [PDF]


  2. A comparison between the IMSC and the DMSC for vibration suppression of smart flexible structures
    M. Serra, Ferruccio Resta, Francesco Ripamonti
    Proc. SPIE 8688, Active and Passive Smart Struct. and Integrated Sys., 868823 (2013). [PDF]


  3. An active control logic based on modal approach for vibration reduction through the eigenstructure assignment
    M. Serra, Ferruccio Resta, Francesco Ripamonti
    IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics (ICM), (2013). [PDF]


  • PhD: A Geometric Approach to Coherent Structures in Complex Dynamical Systems [PDF]

  • MSc: A new control logic for Vibration Reduction of Smart Structures [PDF]


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